companion care
companion care

Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities and Home Care

Intellectual disabilities are known by the limitations seen in normal intellectual functioning and are characterized by the difficulties in doing everyday social and practical skills. A developmental disability is caused by cognitive and physical impairment that puts limitations in areas such as self-care, language, independent living, learning, and mobility. Term IDD is misunderstood by most of the general population, IDD can cover a broad range of disorders and syndromes.

Agility Home Care’s care services for persons with intellectual & developmental disabilities include:

  • Assisting in Effective Communication
  • Accompanying to appointments and social events
  • Stand-by assistance with walking and transfers
  • Entertaining (games, crafts, reading.)
  • Reminder services (medications, dates, routines.)

Persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities may find it difficult to express their feelings or emotions and as a result, may tend to avoid social interactions. Our caregivers will help them build their social skills and guide them through social interactions so that they become confident in expressing and communicating with members of the community.

As an example, Agility Home Care’s caregivers will accompany our patients to a Bank. They will educate them with the information about the bank and then guide them and will give them their time and space to carry out their transactions.

Our caregivers may even play baseball or football with individuals. Such and other activities are intended to gradually make them independent and boost their confidence. Once confident, it will positively impact their self-image. Such activities play an important part in helping them learn the basic things of living in a community or navigating themselves outside their homes.

We understand the difficulties of growing up with limited opportunities. That is why we offer Community Living Services (CLS) to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Connect with us today to know more about our Community Living Services in Metro Atlanta Area. Please Call Us or E-Mail Us for a prompt response.

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Reminders Services for IDD Patients

Medicine's effectiveness depends on its timely administration. Our caregivers will remind our clients about various medications they need to take at the correct time.
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Entertainment in IDD Care

Agility Home Care's caregivers will play simple games with your loved ones to entertain them.
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Stand-by Assistance with Walking and Transfers

Our caregivers will provide a safe environment for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They will provide stand-by assistance with walking and transfers.
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Accompanying to appointments and social events

Our caregivers will escort patients to doctor's appointments, therapist appointment and other social occasions. It is important to keep up with such appointments to improve their social skills and health.
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Assisting in Effective Communication

Our caregivers will assist individuals to develop their communication skills. Communication skills are important for a normal community living.
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