Structured Family Caregiving
Structured Family Caregiving

About Structured Family Caregiving (SFC)

Under the Structured Family Caregiving program, you can become a paid caregiver for a family member who needs home care services! The Structured Family Caregiving program can help you gain financial and support services if you are caring for a family member who is a senior or a disabled person in Georgia. Since the program meets certain conditions, caregiver’s stipend may be eligible as a nontaxable income/benefit. (Please consult your tax adviser and IRS website).

The waiver member and primary caregiver must be related biologically or by marriage but may not include legally responsible adults such as parents of minor children or spouses of the waiver participants.

Structured Family Caregiving program provides support, education, and oversight on behalf of waiver members whose family caregiver lives in the home with the member. The service provides a community-based option of continuous care, support, and professional oversight by promoting a collaborative relationship between the waiver member, primary caregiver, the professional Health Coach, and the member’s case manager.

The goals of this service include:

  • Supporting family caregivers through health education,
  • Telephonic counseling and active coordination with care management.
  • Facilitating the waiver member’s independence in a familiar home environment.
  • Offering the option of care by a trusted family member; and
  • Supporting the family caregiver as the needs of the waiver member change.

These goals are reached through a collaborative relationship between the waiver member, the caregiver, the CCSP or SOURCE case manager, medical providers, and the Structured Family Caregiving provider

The Agility RN will provide consultation for the health coaches, the caregiver and the waiver member and act as a liaison to the CCSP or SOURCE case manager as needed. For waiver members receiving enhanced case management, the RN will report health or other concerns to the case management agency’s Medical Director through the case manager.

Agility will capture daily notes completed by the family caregiver in a secure, HIPAA compliant electronic format, and use the information collected to monitor member health and caregiver support needs. Agility will make such notes available to CCSP and SOURCE case managers on an ongoing basis and provide immediate access to State Medicaid staff for monitoring or review purposes.

Agility will deliver a minimum of 8 hours of annual training to each caregiver that reflects the participant’s assessed needs to include first aid education. Training can be provided as needs are identified through self-report, review of caregiver documentation or case management identification of need. Training will be delivered via home visit, through secured electronic communication, web-based training modules or in another manner that is flexible, accessible, and meaningful for the caregiver.

Agility maintains a secure electronic documentation system and alternate options for receiving daily caregiver notes and communicating with the caregiver and CCSP or SOURCE case manager.

Agility works with caregivers and CCSP/SOURCE case managers to establish backup plans for emergencies and maintain the emergency plan in the electronic system.

Agility will complete and retain a criminal records background screening via Georgia Criminal History Check System/GCHEXS for the identified primary caregiver, as well as the health coaches, with results of the background check received and reviewed prior to service delivery. Section 1406 of this manual further identifies requirements related to criminal background screening.

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